Update from the broiler

So there’s been a lot going on out here, to put it mildly. Hell, I don’t even know where to start. Work? Home? Kids? Teri? Oooooh, let’s start with puppy 🙂

So, about 3 months ago, a friend of ours had puppies. Well, not her specifically, her dog. Mom is a Shih Tzu, dad was a Yorkie, so she had a litter of 5 little Shorkies (I guess that’s better than calling them Yorkzus or something). Teri and I had talked about getting a dog again, we had an Australian Cattle Dog (we think) many years ago named Corky, who was the best dog ever, but the kids started showing signs of allergies when they were babies so my sister, Beth, adopted her from us so she stayed in the family. Corky lived a long happy life, she passed a few years ago sadly. As the kids have grown up, their dog allergies seem to have gotten better, so we’d tossed around the idea of getting a dog. Drew has been asking for a puppy for the last couple of years, so we thought we’d see if a puppy would fit. Our friend let us take one of the puppies for a “test drive” if you will, keep her for a week or so to see how it went.

Well, initially, we took a girl and a boy puppy since they were really close and they were afraid the girl would cry terribly and being separated. That was a colossal mistake, two puppies were WAY too much for us to handle, and they were just at the age where they were starting to try and establish dominance. So, playful fighting started getting more serious, and we didn’t think we could police the two of them for long. That, and dealing with 8-week old puppies peeing an pooping all over…well, that drove me nuts in the morning when also trying to deal with the normal routine of taking care of the kids. So, the next day, the boy went back and we kept the girl for the weekend. Drew was over the moon, so happy. Seeing him that happy melted me, and it became evident that she was going to be part of the family. It was a tough decision, a lot of responsibility, but the joy she was bringing to us (when she wasn’t peeing or pooping in the house) was welcome in our current situation. We told our friend we wanted to keep her, and came up with a name after much haggling. I’m proud to introduce, Ripley – all prettied up from her first haircut 🙂

Ripley first haircut3

We all really needed this. Drew has had a tough time with Teri’s health lately, he took the news of the cancer coming back pretty hard initially. He’s been a brave kid, but you can tell he gets worried when Teri starts feeling bad either from the chemo or from other illnesses (more on that in a bit). Ripley has already helped him a lot, she’s going to help us all get through this really. Even Amanda, who for the last two years we’ve seen maybe for a cumulative week or so when she’s out of her cave/room, has come down to play with her. Ripley greets her in the morning when she comes downstairs and tries to steal her socks, and is waiting at the door when she and Alex come home. She has certainly brought a different dynamic to the family, and the potty training is coming along 🙂

Next post, I’ll fill you in a bit on Teri. I wrote up a whole bunch and my browser locked up before I saved it, and I’m too tired to try and type it all back again…


Update from the broiler

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