Seeing “Minions” with my little minion

Stuart, Kevin, and Bob from the Minions movie
Stuart, Kevin, and Bob from the Minions movie

Drew and I went to go see the Minions movie today. Got to admit, it was pretty good, and like any good kids’ movie these days it had a few good moments for the parents that likely went right over the kids’ heads. Nice cameo at the end to bring it all full circle. Sandra Bullock did a great job as the villain the Minions go work for, and lots of good slapstick and stupid humor that the Minions are known for. Drew loved it, and watched the whole thing…which is saying something. I can’t quite remember the last movie Drew and I went to go see, mainly because we didn’t stay for it.

He’s always had a hard time seeing movies in a theater, mainly from over-stimulation. He also tended to get anxious over the action and would have to leave. The last movie, whatever it was, he decided he wanted to see in 3D. After about 5 minutes of the movie, he said he didn’t like the 3D and wanted to go. We went out in the lobby and he decided he wanted to see the regular version instead, and the theater manager was very helpful – got us tickets for the normal version that was starting 10-15 minutes later and refunded the difference from the 3D cost. Movie started up, and within 10 minutes he was done and wanted to leave. Probably why I can’t remember what movie it was, we barely watched any of it. Again, theater manager was great and refunded the movie cost, no questions.

So, to have Drew sit through the whole movie, not even needing to get up to go to the bathroom but just glued to the movie, I’d say it was a success.

Drew’s needed a bit of extra handling lately. He’s anxious about starting 7th grade in a couple of weeks, new school and all. He’s had a problem with bullying and teasing in his last few year, some of which I think gets brought on by his own version of autism and the lack of a verbal filter sometimes. He’s a really good kid, and smarter than I was at that age, but as we all remember from elementary and middle school, that doesn’t equate to popular or well accepted. He’s going to be playing baritone sax in band (damn thing is as big as he is…), and I’m hoping he clicks with the band crowd and gets some good friendships this year.

He’s also anxious about Teri, which I can really empathize with. He’s seen her react badly to the trial drugs, and I know it worries him. He tries to put on a brave face but I can tell he’s keeping it under the surface. Like me. I swear, if I didn’t know for sure that we made him the old fashioned way, I would swear he was a clone of me. There’s so much about him, his anxieties, his talents, his strengths and weaknesses, he is a carbon copy of how I was during my formative years.

And, of course, since I’m “Dad” I have NO idea, and can’t help him with advice. What’s the old phrase, once you’re old enough to realize your Dad was right about everything, you have a son who thinks you’re wrong about everything? Seems legit…

Seeing “Minions” with my little minion

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