♪♪ Where have all…the white cells gone ♪♪

Man, can’t catch a break. White cell count and neutrophils haven’t changed. Teri’s had Neupogen shots the last two days and will get them again tomorrow to try and get those going, and the bone pain has already started from those. Trying to keep that under control, it’s not too bad so far. She’ll get the blood testing done again next Tuesday to see if they’re coming around. The doctor was recommending that she stay home as much as possible to reduce chance of any infections. See, this is where unvaccinated people really scare the shit out of me. Herd immunity is a real thing, people, and opting out of that social contract is directly impacting us at this point. Most of you already know my stance on vaccinations and the anti-vax crowd, so I’m not going into that here. But this is real life now, and it’s important.

I’m going to try to change topic over the next few days so I’m not as much of a downer. Not expecting much to happen at the homefront, Teri will get shots tomorrow and we wait until Tuesday to find out how it’s going. So no use dwelling on it, but it’s been rough this week so my posts have really be focusing on that. I’ll have some more fun things to talk about, I promise 🙂

Once my Xanax kicks in, that is…

♪♪ Where have all…the white cells gone ♪♪

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